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Benefits of Virtual Visits and Telehealth

BENEFIT 1: Reduce trips to see a provider.


Issues that require medical attention don’t always require a trip to see a provider. Through telehealth services, you can receive the treatment you need over a quick video chat using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and avoid making an unnecessary appointment at a clinic or after-hours visit to the ER for a nonemergency issue. If you do need to see a provider in person, your telehealth provider will direct you to exactly where you need to go.




BENEFIT 2: Address issues as quickly as possible.


 Going to the doctor in person requires time and planning, which may cause you to put off going to see a provider altogether. With telehealth, you can see a provider as soon as your issues arise, and get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.




BENEFIT 3: Cut back on costs associated with going to see a provider.


 For most people, making a trip to see a provider requires paying for gas or transportation, taking time off work, and possibly securing childcare. For those who live in rural areas, it can even require costs associated with an overnight stay, such as meals and lodging. Telehealth eliminates these costs, as you can easily fit in an appointment at home or at work during a break.




BENEFIT 4: Save time.


Going to an in-person appointment for even the smallest, most minor issue can eat up hours of valuable time. A telehealth appointment is typically only 10 minutes and requires no travel time or sitting in a waiting room.




BENEFIT 5: Never compromise on the quality of care.


Instead of choosing a provider simply because the location is close by or has short wait times, you can receive care from the name you trust most when you need it most through telehealth.

Virtual Visit and Telehealth services in Aurora, CO


Redwood Medical Health is offering virtual / telehealth visits to patients who want extra flexibility when seeing the doctor. Simply use your smartphone, computer, or tablet to see and talk to your provider, all from the comfort of your home. Can schedule through your patient portal and access the visit through the same spot. Redwood Medical even offers after-hour and weekend appointments to make sure all of your concerns are addressed when it is convenient for you.

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