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Kristin Rinn

Kristin M. Rinn, DNP

Kristin M. Rinn is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of experience in family medicine with an emphasis on women’s health and geriatrics.


She has treated patients with chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and patients with acute illness. She also enjoys educating her patients on preventative medicine, such as health screenings, diet and exercise, and managing chronic conditions. Before working in family medicine, Kristin worked with urgent care patients. She has her doctorate in Clinical Nursing.


She originally grew up and completed her undergraduate education in Virginia. After which, she moved to Colorado at age 22 and has lived here ever since. Kristin received her Master of Science in Nursing / Family Nurse Practitioner in 2006 from the University of Colorado. Subsequently, she obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2015 from the University of Colorado. Kristin has worked in urgent care and primary care for 15 years. She has a passion for preventative health care and believes strongly in a healthy diet, exercise, and mental and spiritual health to improve health status and avoid illness. Kristin also has an interest in women’s health care and geriatrics.

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